October 31, 2016

Informational Text

Using informational text with younger students can sometimes be quite a challenge. It seems that the text can be too difficult for younger readers. I have always tried to incorporate informational text with every unit that I have taught because my students LOVE IT! Every week I introduce new books for our topics of the week. I share fiction and informational text, almost always; they choose to reread the informational text.

As a teacher, I have always enjoyed teaching science: animals, space, weather, plants, dinosaurs....all of those fun things....you know the topics that it seems we never have enough time to teach. I try to incorporate them into my reading lessons whenever I can, that way I can cover multiple standards and have some fun!

Over the years I have created many Power Point slide shows for my students that I use as easy readers. These are so much fun to use and my students enjoy them so much. These slide shows are perfect because they can be used in a couple of different ways. You can:

  • Print the PDF, assemble the book, and use in your classroom or library.
  • Open the PDF in iBooks on your iPad for an eBook.
  • Use the PDF as a slideshow on a projector. (Just hit the down key to change slides.)
Today I am sharing a slide show that I made called "What Lives in the Forest?". I hope that you find this helpful and that your students enjoy reading this booklet!

Click HERE to download your FREE copy!

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