September 29, 2016


This week we have been talking about transportation and different ways to travel! I always start by pulling books that I think my students will be excited about. Usually I choose different types; fiction and informational text. It always amazes me how much my students enjoy informational text. They love looking at the photos and learning real facts about different topics. I also choose books that are different ability levels. Students are exposed to many different levels. We use these all week long and students have figured out how to pair up and share the books with a partner. This enables stronger  readers to share text with readers that are not on their level. (This is not our shared reading time, this is just for the joy of sharing text and learning about a new topic.)

This is a sample of the books that have been shared this week for transportation:

At the beginning of the week I used clip art to share ways to travel using different types of transportation! (Thank you to EDUCLIPS for the great clip art) We talked about each type of transportation and discussed which mode of transportation we would like to use. 

There have been so many fun activities that we have completed this week! One of their favorites has been the transportation letter sorting activity. This is such an easy activity and it is FREE, click to download the packet!

Students sort uppercase and lowercase letters. 

After reading and completing transportation activities we made this cute "On the Road" craft. Students used construction paper to make their own road and put their cars "on the road". This was a great end to transportation week.